Xtreme PreView

The pulsed redar object detection system can significantly reduce accidents.

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  • Stand-alone proximity detection solution
  • Increase mine site safety
  • Easily integrates with other safety tools

Xtreme PreView is a pulsed radar object detection solution designed to detect moving and stationary objects in blind spots to significantly reduce accidents. PreView consists of three simple components: 1) external sensor(s); 2) in-cab display(s) to provide audible and visual notification to the operator; and 3) robust cable system to connect the sensor and display. Coverage area can be up to 32ft/10m depending on the sensor chosen and your specific needs.

Built for the rugged mining environment, Xtreme PreView detects objects through fog, snow, rain, dirt, mud, debris, and other extreme elements and weather conditions. Once an object is detected, the in-cab display provides ranging information to the operator so he can react before an accident occurs.

In comparison to other PreView Radar sensors, Xtreme PreView offers the longest detection zone. The in-cab LED display shows the proximity to the object(s) detected. The result is safer maneuvering and detection for busy mining sites.



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