Industrial Leddar Sensor

The LeddarTech Industrial Leddar Sensor provides rapid and accurate detection of solid or liquid objects in a wide range of operting conditions.

Is16 Industrial Leddar Sensor 11360168

LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar LED-based detection technology, introduces its Industrial Leddar Sensor, a detection and ranging product offering the best cost/performance ratio on the market. 

  • Includes Leddar detection and ranging technology which performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from infrared LEDs
  • Combines multiple independent active elements, typically 16, into a single sensor to continuously provide rapid and accurate detection and ranging in the entire beam, without any moving parts
  • Large beam and diffused light pulses, processed through algorithms, allow for the detection of a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions
  • Detects, locates and measures all types of objects—solid or liquid—even in harsh operating conditions 
  • IP67 enclosure provides rugged and weather-resistant design
  • Optimized for 0 to 50 m (165 ft.) detection and ranging
  • Provides both distance and angular positioning
  • Continuously analyzes an area of 16 segments
  • Can be configured at the touch of a button
  • Built-in Presence Detection Mode enables outputs to be set according to whether or not there are objects within configured detection zones
  • Teach Configuration feature uses the perimeter of the sensor’s surroundings as the detection zone
  • Sensor measurements from all segments can also be acquired in real time through the RS-485 link 
  • Utilizes a 45 degree beam
  • Offers quick and easy integration into a wide variety of applications 
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