WABCO OnCity Urban Turning Assist System

At IAA 2016, WABCO introduced its OnCity Urban Turning Assist system which uses a single sensor to monitor moving and stationary objects located on a vehicle's blindside.

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WABCO Holdings Inc. has released its OnCity Urban Turning Assist system to help protect pedestrians and cyclists in city traffic.

  • Single-sensor collision avoidance system which uses LiDAR technology for object detection
  • For trucks, buses and tractor-trailers
  • Features wide field-of-view, up to 180 degrees
  • Uses single sensor for safety monitoring of road users located on vehicle’s blindside
  • Detects and distinguishes moving and stationary objects, including pedestrians and cyclists
  • Visually and acoustically alerts driver regarding potential collision with unprotected road users both right before and during a turning maneuver
  • Can autonomously apply brake to prevent collisions should driver fail to take corrective action
  • Performs reliably with high precision during nighttime, in blinding sunshine and even in low visibility conditions
  • According to a 2013 report issued by a major truck manufacturer based in Europe, more than 20,000 vulnerable road users are injured or die annually due to collisions with commercial vehicles in cities across Europe.




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