NTEA Releases Test Manual and Kit to Aid Compliance with FMVSS Field of View Requirements

NTEA's manual and kit help equipment manufacturers and upfitters understand the rules for properly locating a rearview cameral to comply with the rear visibility portion of the new FMVSS 111 regulation.


NTEA recently released a test manual and kit to provide guidance in meeting the field of view requirements in the new rear visibility portion of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 111. These field of view rules, applicable to vehicles with a 10,000-lb. gross vehicle weight rating or less, will phase in for previously compliant vehicles that are altered starting May 1, 2017. Full compliance for all regulated vehicles is mandatory by May 1, 2018.

“The new rear visibility regulation that takes effect later this year and next has widespread implications for the work truck industry,” says Steve Carey, NTEA Executive Director. “NTEA’s test manual and kit are designed to assist companies with demonstrating conformity to the new field of view requirements.”

To help equipment manufacturers, distributors and upfitters better understand the rules and identify potential rearview camera relocation needs, NTEA’s Rear Visibility FMVSS 111 Field of View (Rearview Camera) Conformity Manual provides detailed information, including a materials list, step-by-step test procedures, and a testing procedure check list. The kit includes a tarp with the necessary markings to facilitate test cylinder placement; tape to properly mark test cylinders; and a Manual for guidance in locating the camera for proper field of view.

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