Meritor WABCO introducing ProView performance management system

Meritor WABCO and SmartDrive Systems have developed ProView, a performance management system designed to improve safety and operational efficiency.

Meritor WABCO and SmartDrive Systems are developing the commercial vehicle industry’s most comprehensive and efficient performance management system to help fleets improve safety and operational efficiency. The system will be available starting in May 2014.

ProView Powered by SmartDrive will provide unprecedented insights into driving situations through video-based analysis. A personalized driving performance improvement program and predictive analytics are also available to help reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency. In addition, ProView will offer extensive resource materials, including safety and efficiency best practices as well as an online discussion forum.

“ProView is the natural evolution of Meritor WABCO’s portfolio of industry-leading safety solutions,” says Jon Morrison, President and General Manager for Meritor WABCO. “By offering video and data analytics and delivering critical event video content fast, fleets can identify and significantly reduce potentially dangerous situations.”

The video feature, similar to “game film” analysis used by experts during televised sporting events, is a safety improvement tool that unifies vehicle, driver and driving data. The system comes with a forward-looking and in-cab camera. Fleet managers have access to the video through SmartDrive’s Web-based back-office application. Drivers can access the video directly through a smartphone app.

“ProView’s ability to deliver the whole picture helps fleets identify the potential root causes of vehicle and driving issues and can ultimately improve safety on our roads,” Morrison says. “Measuring risky driving can help fleets improve safety, reduce collision costs and lower fuel expenses. Fleets can prioritize coaching with a focus on high-impact areas, such as following-distance violations, excessive idling and acceleration, stability events, rolling stops and driver inattention. Recorded video data can also validate safe driving practices among a fleet’s operators.”

This new product combines the extensive capabilities and know-how of two industry leaders. Meritor WABCO offers world-class safety technologies and systems as well as the DriveForce team of dedicated sales and support professionals. SmartDrive has unequaled expertise in driver and vehicle data and video analysis. WABCO Holdings Inc. and SmartDrive Systems announced a strategic alliance March 24 that will expand WABCO’s fleet management solutions to commercial vehicle fleets in North America.

Sales, service and technical support for ProView Powered by SmartDrive will be available from DriveForce and OnTrac, Meritor's organization of 110 dedicated support professionals. ProView Powered by SmartDrive’s open platform integrates with third-party vehicle systems from any manufacturer.