Oralco partnering with Stoneridge on development of mirror systems with added safety capabilities

Orlaco is partnering with Stoneridge on the development of mirror replacement systems integrating camera and driver information technology for improved safety.

Stoneridge Inc., a leading supplier of driver information systems to the global, commercial vehicle, truck, bus and automotive markets, and Orlaco Products BV, a leading supplier of vehicle camera solutions, have executed a strategic alliance agreement to develop, manufacture and sell electronic mirror replacement systems. The unique mirror replacement system integrates Orlaco camera technology and Stoneridge driver information technology (display, electronics and system integration) into an innovative, industry-leading product that enhances safety and improves fuel economy.

Under the agreement, the two companies will design, develop and produce mirror replacement systems targeted initially at the commercial vehicle and off-road transportation markets. Stoneridge will act as the Tier 1 supplier and be responsible for the overall system and vehicle interior products, and Orlaco will be responsible for the vehicle exterior products. These systems will comply with ISO 16505 Camera Monitor Systems.

"Our companies have enjoyed an excellent working relationship that gives us all confidence in our collective ability to deliver an innovative solution to the market," says Henrie G. van Beusekom, Chief Executive Officer of Orlaco. "This strategic alliance is an effective method to introduce our patented technology by working with an industry leader to provide the market with an integrated solution that leverages our combined strengths. The true strength of this new technology platform is that we are spectacularly improving mirror functionality by providing night-vision, automatic safety panning function during truck-turns and the possibility of video-recording for analysis and security."

"This strategic alliance brings together a global leader in the instrumentation and electronics markets and a premier camera supplier," says Jon DeGaynor, Chief Executive Officer of Stoneridge. "Our mirror replacement system has received high praise in driver trials under a variety of driving conditions, as it substantially increases the driver's field of view, enhances night visibility and improves safety and operating conditions for drivers and fleet owners. In addition to the compelling safety benefits, the small exterior design of this system compared to traditional mirrors improves fuel economy by enhanced aerodynamics. Road testing indicates significant reduction in fuel consumption. This best-in-class mirror replacement solution reaffirms our companies' continuing commitment to deliver innovation and value to customers worldwide."

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