CAD Automation App

CCE has developed a CAD automation app which can help engineers reduce quoting time by 30%.

Cce Ensuite Metalsa 10778489

CCE has developed an app using its EnSuite product that opens CATIA files, captures the needed information and populates spreadsheets.

  • Automatically extracts information from each part file, creates a separate Excel worksheet for each file and puts the information from each file into the appropriate worksheet
  • Has been shown to save engineers 30 hours per month on quoting
  • Reduces lead time required to produce a quote by two days
  • Offers an interactive experience by asking the estimator for needed information such as density of a part and to orient the part in the right view for a snapshot
  • Enables an estimator to enter all needed information for all programs quoted in a month in less than two hours
  • Does not lock up an expensive CATIA license to extract information for quoting purposes
  • Estimator can now run the app inside EnSuite, which opens up a window to select all of the CATIA files involved in the program
  • Works with other CAD formats as well
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