John Deere Introduces Mobile Farm Manager Application

John Deere announces the release of its Mobile Farm Manager application which includes field maps, historical reports and GPS tracking, among other features, to help farmers improve productivity.

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager App
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To help give producers easier access to important farm and field information through their mobile device, John Deere introduces John Deere Mobile Farm Manager. The application, which can be downloaded free from the Apple Store, is compatible with iPad and iPhone mobile devices and connects to customers’ Apex farm management software.

Tyler Hogrefe, senior product marketing manager for John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, says Mobile Farm Manger has several functions that producers will find useful. These include field maps, historical reports, GPS tracking, field navigation and soil sampling grids.

“With Mobile Farm Manager on their mobile devices, producers now have remote access to the important agronomic information they need in order to make better management decisions,” Hogrefe says. “It makes it much easier to analyze field data such as application and fertility maps, soil sample grids and crop product data directly from the field.”

In addition, customers with Mobile Farm Manager can share agronomic information with ag service providers, farm managers and other advisors as needed. This streamlines the communications process and helps ensure the accuracy of various applications and production practices.

“Mobile Farm Manager is the latest in a growing suite of technology products under the John Deere FarmSight strategy,” Hogrefe adds. “It’s all designed to help make producers more efficient and productive across their entire farming enterprise by making it easier to access and share accurate and relevant agronomic information.”

To activate Mobile Farm Manager, customers should contact their John Deere dealer to purchase and receive their activation code, which they can enter into Apex. The activation allows the transfer of data stored in Apex to the devices with Mobile Farm Manager.