Dept.of Commerce Establishes Exclusion Requests for Steel Tariff

AEM provides the steps necessary for member companies to apply for exclusions to the recently announced steel and aluminum tariffs.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

The U.S. Department of Commerce earlier this week published the procedures to request exclusion from the steel tariffs in the Federal Register

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) member companies that use steel in business activities in the United States and wish to seek an exclusion from a tariff on steel article imports should take the following steps:

  1. Download the Request for Exclusion from Remedies from the Section 232 National Security Investigation of Imports of Steel (exclusion request) form.
  2. Complete the form using Microsoft Excel and save a copy.
  3. Go to Docket Number BIS-2018-0006, complete the required information, and upload the completed exclusion request form.

However, a separate exclusion request must be submitted on each distinct type and dimension of steel product to be imported. In addition, it should be noted that only individuals or organizations operating in the U.S. may submit an exclusion request.

To be considered for an exclusion request, the individual or organization must provide factual information on:

  • The single type of steel product they require using a 10-digit HTSUS code, including its specific dimension
  • The quantity of product required (stated in kilograms) under a one-year exclusion
  • A full description of the properties of the steel product it seeks to import, including chemical composition, dimensions, strength, toughness, ductility, magnetic permeability, surface finish, coatings, and other relevant data

Only fully completed exclusion requests will be considered. All exclusion requests will then be made available for public inspection. After this initial 30-day period, approximately 60 days will be necessary for complete review and vetting of the request and any related objection filings. The total processing time for exclusion requests is estimated at 90 days.

An exclusion process for aluminum has also been established and additional information can be found here