SAKOR exhibiting testing technologies at The Battery Show

Technologies SAKOR will exhibit during The Battery Show/Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo include high voltage battery testing and simulation equipment and the smallest AC regenerative dynanometer in the industry.

Sakor Hv Battery Tester

SAKOR Technologies Inc., a recognized leader in the area of high-performance dynamometer systems, announces that it will be exhibiting at The Battery Show/Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo from September 17 to 19 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. SAKOR will be highlighting many of its innovative technologies at booth E705, including hybrid and electric vehicle testing, high voltage battery testing and simulation, and the smallest AC regenerative dynamometer available in the industry. Technical representatives from SAKOR will be present at the booth to offer expertise and answer questions about products for show attendees.

SAKOR is an industry leader in developing testing technology for hybrid and electric vehicles, and has extensive experience in testing electric motors and generators, as well as engines and complete powertrains. The DynoLAB Test Cell Control System can perform a wide variety of road load profiles and simulations, and is designed for testing to all international standards, including existing and proposed EPA, CARB, and Euro standards.

The High Voltage Battery Simulator/Testing System is ideal for customers conducting research and development, performance evaluation, and durability testing of high voltage DC power systems. It can be used for testing high voltage batteries as well as simulating high voltage batteries while testing hybrid vehicle drivelines and inverter systems. The High Voltage Battery Test System is fully line regenerative, resulting in a very power efficient unit, minimizing electricity usage, lowering operating costs, and providing an extremely environmentally friendly “green” profile.

The new Small Engine AC Motoring Dynamometer is the smallest available on the market today. It is further differentiated by its ultra-low inertia properties, and ability to convert easily between horizontal and vertical orientations, accommodating either shaft condition. The Small Engine Dynamometer was developed specifically to meet the needs of small engine manufacturers who must now comply with engine testing procedures required by new emission standards contained in 40 CFR Part 1065. This innovative machine can test both steady state and transient emissions cycles, and allows users to avoid the issues associated with larger dynamometers, such as breaking of the driveshaft or couplings.

SAKOR’s alternative energy testing systems work with a variety of modern energy technologies, including turbines and generators powered by wind and tidal energy, and also fuel cells.