dSPACE has introduced MicroLabBox which uses the latest FPGA technology to provide fast and efficient testing.

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With MicroLabBox, dSPACE introduces a compact, versatile and powerful development system for laboratory use.

  • Control, test and measurement applications can be brought to reality fast, easily and cost-efficiently 
  • Does not take up more space than a conventional laptop computer
  • Features over 100 channels of different I/O types
  • Combination real-time processor and FPGA provide the versatility needed for research and development
  • Compact all-in-one system
  • Features 2 GHz dual-core real-time processor (Freescale PowerPC QorIQ P5020) capable of achieving fast closed-loop cycle times of less than 15 µs
  • High computation power
  • Comprehensive high-performance I/O
  • User-programmable FPGA enables extremely fast control loops, as required in applications such as electric motor control or active noise and vibration cancellation
  • AC motor control
  • Ethernet and CANbus interface 
  • Integrated sensor supply provides power for sensors without any additional laboratory devices
  • Supported by dSPACE software package, including Real-Time Interface (RTI) for Simulink for model-based I/O integration and the experiment software ControlDesk Next Generation to provide access to the real-time application by means of graphical instruments during run time
  • Available in two panel variants
  • Top-panel variant provides Sub-D and BNC connectors, making wiring easy when used on a laboratory desk
  • Front-panel variant provides Sub-D connectors, making it easy to integrate into a stack of laboratory devices
  • Connector information printed on each unit and is also included in the I/O blockset of the device's implementation software
  • Can be used with or without a host PC
  • Autonomous mode, without the host PC, real-time application is loaded from the on-board flash memory when unit is started
  • Programmable buzzer and set of LEDs provide status information of the real-time application to the user
  • USB connector lets users save data to a mass storage device


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