CLEANFIX Hydraulic Cooling Fans

The CLEANFIX intelligent hydraulic cooling fans include the company's Smart-Seal System to ensure leak-free operation.

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CLEANFIX North America Ltd. announces the launch of its intelligent hydraulic cooling fans used to prevent problems associated with overheating and inefficiency of the engine.

  • Applications include in a wide range of agricultural, forestry, construction, waste and recycling equipment
  • Benefits include more power on the PTO shaft and on the wheels, fuel savings, and noise reduction as engine speed can be reduced
  • Can save up to 30% of drive power in comparison to electronically controlled standard viscous fans while delivering the same cooling capacity
  • Lineup includes standard reversing fan with hydraulic actuation (HSCSeries) in addition to the standard reversing function, and thermal-controlled variable blade pitch controlled fan (HVP-Series with wax elements)
  • Fully electronically controlled CLEANFIX-Hytronic fan (HT-Series) controls exact blade angle and thus cooling performance by using CANbus or CLEANFIX electronics with integrated Hall sensor
  • CLEANFIX electronics can also be replaced by the vehicle or engine electronics
  • Features CLEANFIX Smart-Seal System to keep system free of leaks in particular at high speeds, high temperatures and pressures up to 50 bar
  • Intelligent sealing system ensures maximum operating safety through integrated leakage oil recirculation - both for the piston seal as well as for the rotary intake


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