Dana introduces Long Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery technology at IAA Commercial Vehicles

Dana has introduced its new Long Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery technology which can help improve fuel economy by up to 3%.

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At IAA Commercial Vehicle 2014, Dana Holding Corporation presented its Long Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery (EGHR) technology, which enables vehicle manufacturers to improve fuel economy by up to 3%.
As the commercial-vehicle industry remains focused on addressing global fuel efficiency and emissions regulations, Dana’s new technology enables customers to reduce friction in the engine, transmission and axle by redirecting exhaust heat to rapidly warm powertrain fluids during cold start and ramp up. The result is higher fuel efficiency and reduced overall emissions.
“Today’s standard combustion-engine powertrains need to be cleaner and more efficient, and the heat and pollutants ejected through a vehicle’s exhaust compromise its efficiency,” says Dwayne Matthews, President of the Dana Power Technologies Group. “Dana’s EGHR technology applies our expertise in heating and cooling technologies to provide a cost-effective solution for our customers looking to improve energy usage and fuel economy, while reducing weight and complexity.”
Dana’s EGHR solution is more compact and up to 50% lighter than competing devices, enabling it to be installed immediately downstream of the catalyst to capture the gas at a higher temperature. When coupled with Dana’s Long active warm-up units, the system is able to significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve optimum operating temperatures in the powertrain.
For more than a century, Dana’s thermal-management engineers have designed innovative heat exchangers. This EGHR solution is the latest in a line-up of technologies that focuses on optimizing operating temperatures in the vehicle by utilizing otherwise wasted heat and directing it back to the powertrain and the cabin to improve warm-up times.