Donaldson Company Announces Closure of Its Grinnell, IA, Plant

Donaldson Co., Inc. announced its intent to close its Grinnell, Iowa, manufacturing facility, which manufactures mufflers and other exhaust products for off-road equipment. The Grinnell plant opened in 1952 to produce mufflers and air cleaners. Over the past 62 years, the Grinnell employees have manufactured millions of high quality mufflers and other exhaust products for Customers around the world.
As a result of the diesel emission regulations in the U.S. over the past 10 years, the demand for our muffler products has fallen steeply as our Customers moved from mufflers to emission control systems. "The need to align our global manufacturing capacity to remain cost-competitive is the overriding reason for our plan to close the Grinnell facility," says Bill Cook, CEO of Donaldson.
Approximately 75 employees will be affected by the planned closure of the facility. Employment levels will decline as work is transferred to other Donaldson plants.
"We sincerely thank our Grinnell employees for their dedication, cooperation, and efforts over the past six decades. Their commitment to serving our Customers has been instrumental to our Company's success," says Bill Cook.