SILENCE PLUS External Gear Pump

Rexroth's SILENCE PLUS external gear pump reduces noise up to 15 dB(A).

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With the SILENCE PLUS Rexroth introduces a new generation of external gear pumps whose noise level has been reduced by an average of 15 dB(A) compared with a conventional external gear pump. The new pump is also characterized by a subjectively much more pleasant, deeper sound.

  • Non-involute helical gearing uses its tooth profile for continuous fluid delivery 
  • Ensures virtually noiseless running of pump while generating fewer noise-exciting vibrations in connected hydraulic system
  • Internal axial forces generated in helical gearing cancel out in a wear-free manner using hydrostatic bearings
  • Reduces total noise emission of a standard hydraulic power unit by 11 dB(A)
  • Provides comfort and reliability at pressures up to 280 bar 
  • Available successively in sizes from 12 to 28 cm3/rev
  • Works with electric motor drives such as fork lifts, lift platforms or industrial power units
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