F15 Series Hydraulic Pumps

The F15 series gear pumps from Concentric are designed to offer high efficiency in a robust package.

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Concentric F15 series gear pumps utilize proven design elements enhanced by new technology created to offer a product with high efficiency in a robust cast iron body.

  • Features one-piece construction of gear and shaft for resistance to fatigue
  • Large diameter journals offer higher load-bearing capacity
  • High-strength, heat-treated steel 14-tooth gears reduce pressure ripple (noise) and improve volumetric efficiency
  • Large Teflon impregnated bushings are installed in precision bored covers for optimum alignment, providing support area capable of handling most indirect drives
  • Integrated balanced bronze pressure plate provides optimum in wear surface and strength
  • Integrated “E” seal in pressure plate reduces clearance, offsets axial loading and balances itself as pressure increases
  • A variety of porting options (SAE, DIN, NPT, BSPP, JIS), sizes and combinations of side or rear locations are available
  • Drive shafts are available in SAE, splined, keyed and tapered
  • Mounting flanges offered are SAE 2-bolt “A”, SAE 2-bolt “B”, or SAE 2/4-bolt “C” with either single or double shaft seal configuration
  • Double shaft seal option for use when pump pilot extends into a crankcase or transmission to prevent fluid from one environment entering other
  • Displacement range is 19 to 50 cc (1.159 to 3.050 in.3/rev) at speeds from 600 to 3600 rpm
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