CALMA Quiet Hydraulic Pump

Concentric introduces CALMA, its super-quiet gear pump that reduces noise by up to 10 dB.

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Concentric in Hof, Germany and Rockford, IL, has launched its super-quiet gear pump, CALMA, that reduces noise by up to 10 dB or 85% in low-speed applications, particularly in electric vehicles, such as fork lift and warehouse trucks.

  • Features updated tooth geometry, true dual-flank gear engagement, reduced trapped oil volume and trapped oil management
  • Reduces pressure pulsation by 75%, which is key to determining pump's noise levels, while also reducing energy consumption
  • Offers energy-saving capabilities
  • Adjustable and low-speed capability avoids unnecessary power drain and further increases battery life
  • Reduces noise during steer, tilt and lift functions by 50% to 85%  
  • Available in displacements from 6.2 cc to 23.7 cc
  • For use as a single unit or as an element within multiple hydraulic assemblies
  • Standard housings can easily be varied to incorporate different functions and different internal connections
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