D Series Cast Iron Gear Pump

Turolla OpenCircuitGear introduces its D Series cast iron gear pump featuring an integrated SAE "A" nine-tooth auxiliary flange.

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Turolla OpenCircuitGear (TurollaOCG), a member of the Sauer-Danfoss Group, has a D Series cast iron pump which now offers an integrated SAE “A” nine-tooth auxiliary flange to mount lower pressure aluminum pumps to the rear of the D. 

  • Auxiliary flange offers ability to mount TurollaOCG’s SNP2 pump to through drive without added expense of another pump drive 
  • Lower pressure circuits are optimized with right product for right application, while still utilizing high pressure capabilities
  • Independent shaft seal on auxiliary flange isolates hydraulic circuit from lower pressure auxiliary pump
  • Provides designers with ability to operate two separate hydraulic systems that require increased safety and leave auxiliary pump off to add later as needed
  • Gives customer a variety of system solutions that maximize machine performance without sacrificing compactness, durability and total installed cost
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