Hengli HP3V Series Axial Piston Pump

The Hengli HP3V Series axial piston pump is an open circuit pump designed to help reduce fuel consumption while increasing productivity and reliability.

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Hengli America introduces the HP3V Series axial piston pump.

  • High performance design
  • Reduces fuel consumption and increases productivity while providing reliability and long service intervals
  • Comes in multiple sizes including 28/45/60/80/125/140 cc
  • Variable pump in swash-plate design for open circuit operation                                    
  • Continuous pressure rating of 320 bar (4,641.21 psi)
  • Exceptional self-priming capability
  • Optional through drive
  • Quick response controllability
  • Low pressure pulsation and low noise
  • Includes electronic torque control and electronic pressure relief valve      



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