Danfoss K2 Frame Axial Piston Pump

The Danfoss K2 frame axial piston pump includes sound-deadening characteristics to meet industry noise regulations and is up to 30% lighter in weight than previous Series 45 pumps.

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Danfoss Power Solutions is updating the Series 45 pump portfolio with the addition of the K2 frame axial piston pump.

  • Frame has been reduced in length by up to 20%, width up to 10%, and weight up to 30%
  • Output of 25-45 cc
  • Modular design
  • Offers wide range of displacements, controls, and configurations designed to fit multiple off-highway applications
  • Improves performance with increased rated pressure, and higher rated speed and temperature capabilities
  • Additional features inside housing allow for dissipation of noise and vibration
  • Sound-deadening characteristics help meet local industry regulations for noise
  • Pumps with fan drive controls allow lower minimum system pressures, resulting in slower minimum fan speed, reducing fan drive noise and improving efficiency
  • New endcap configurations are optimized for size and weight to provide greater flexibility in installation
  • Can be integrated with PVG and PLUS+1 solutions, offering infinite number of control combinations and providing ability to be refined to meet specific requirements


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