Linde Hydraulics HPR-02 Pump

The Linde HPR-02 pump features a swash plate design for open loop systems, as well as high power density and a compact design.

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Linde Hydraulics has launches a new variant of its HPR-02 pump, a self-regulating pump for open circuit operation that has a ‘flow on demand’ control to help conserve energy.

  • Features dynamic response, excellent suction up to rated speed, high power density and compact design
  • For use in a wide range of mobile and industrial applications
  • Offers a boosted displacement from HPR125D-02 pump while reducing working pressure from 420 bar (6,091.6 psi) to 350 bar (5,076.3 psi)
  • Swash plate design for open loop systems
  • Provides clockwise or counter clockwise rotation
  • Self-priming at high nominal speed
  • High rotating speed by tank pressurization or swash angle reduction
  • Adaptive noise optimization SPU
  • Decompression fluid is drained via pump housing for suction side stability
  • Exact and rugged load sensing controls
  • Includes SAE high pressure ports
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft
  • Through shaft SAE A, B, B-B, C, D and E
  • Optional tandem and multiple pumps
  • Several controller types available including LP load sensing with pressure cut-off, TL2 load sensing with hyperbolic power limiter, E1L load sensing with electrical ΔpLS – override and more

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