Oilgear PVWJ Variable-Displacement Axial-Piston Pumps

The PVWJ variable-displacement axial-piston pumps are available in a range of control and porting options.

Oilgear Pvwj098 Open Loop Pump

The PVWJ is Oilgear’s steadfast line of durable pumps offering cost-effective, stable and low maintenance solutions for OEMs.

  • Variable-displacement axial-piston pump with a medium-control response
  • Thrives on low-viscosity fluids, such as high water content and fire-resistant fluids
  • Comes in a variety of frame sizes and displacement 
  • Range of control and porting options
  • Maximum displacements range from 0.66-7.94 in3/rev (10.8-130.2 ml/rev)
  • Rated continuous pressure ranges from 1,500-5,000 psi (103.4-344.7 bar)
  • Maximum pressure ranges from 2,000-5,800 psi (137.9-399.9 bar)
  • Enhances stability and requires less maintenance for low- to medium-horsepower equipment
  • Offers quieter operation 
  • Built for greater flexibility to selectively match pressure and capacity requirements
  • Three frame sizes and 10 displacements provide easy field interchangeability

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