HPT021 Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic Clutch

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Pttech 10056413

PT Tech's HPT021 with its Power Tower pump drive is available for both inline and belt driven applications for diesel engines up to 1,600 hp. 

  • Four hydraulic pump pads with combined 425 hp capacity
  • SAE B and C pump pad configurations standard; A, BB and D pump pads optional
  • SAE 0 housing standard; SAE 1 housing options
  • Designed to use a variety of readily available torsional couplings for flywheel connection (not included)
  • Compact design; overall length is 35.75 in.
  • Comes with PT Techs controller, Advance 3
  • Advance 3 controller start-up algorithms provide new approach to clutch protection
  • Controller is J1939 compatible for CAN bus system connection


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