Thomson WhisperTrak Linear Actuators

Thomson WhisperTrack actuators are available with double the force-handling capacity, now from 2-4 kN, and include options for low-level and limit switching.

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Thomson Industries Inc. has expanded its WhisperTrak actuator line to give motion system designers greater ability to extend quiet, compact actuation to more demanding applications.

  • New additions to lineup double force-handling capability from 2-4 kN
  • Provides higher-speed operation at 2 kN
  • Offers new options for low-level switching, limit switching and position control at both 2 and 4 kN operation
  • Rated for 4 kN (900 lbs.) with load speed at 4 mm/sec (0.16 in./sec)
  • 2 kN version is rated for 2,000 kN (450 lbs.) with load speeds of up to 8 mm/s (0.31 in./sec)
  • All models can be specified for 12- or 24V input with stroke lengths available between 100 and 500 mm (3.94-19.69 in.)
  • Options include five-wire, low-level switching with electronic limit switches for applications that require switching of high-amperage current
  • Electronic limit switching (ELS) automatically cuts power to the actuator when preset threshold is reached, aiding both control precision and safety
  • Low-level switching can be valuable for wiring high-current draw loads into programmable logic controller or small battery
  • Two-wire switching with electronic limit switches only available as an option, which simplifies wiring and installation for applications requiring process start/stop location information but not low-level switching
  • Embedded potentiometer and digital encoder with electronic limit switches model options free designers to use position feedback for other purposes
  • Embedded ELS gives designers more control flexibility for lower loads or for applications not using low-amperage controls
  • Embedding ELS into firmware retains end-of-stroke protection without need for additional programming and configuration, enabling users to run operation up to end of stroke without worrying about damaging actuator or control configuration
  • Features compact and easy-to-use design that complements aesthetics of factory equipment
  • Includes IP67 static environmental rating
  • Maintenance free and features average life of 10,000 cycles at maximum load capacity
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