Parking Brake Release Concept

A new concept for the release of the parking or locking brake is available in three models from Argo-Hytos.

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A new concept for the release of the parking or locking brake is available from Argo-Hytos and is suitable to be retrofitted or integrated into existing standard machines.

  • Procedure of an automatic pressure-depending resetting of the changeover valve is both simple and sturdy
  • Works energy self-sufficiently and without interfering with the machine's control system
  • Central element is a manually actuated 2/2-way directional valve fitted with a hydraulic resetting system.
  • Manual pump integrated in the block is used to release the parking brake
  • All brake cylinders are slid back fully at the same time
  • If the operator forgets to reset the 2/2-way directional valve after repairing the machine, the valve will be reset automatically by the brake supply pressure
  • Three models available for different applications: Model 1 is comprised of a pressure-switched 2/2-way directional valve as well as a pressure relief and intended for machines which are already equipped with a hand pump; Model 2 consists of Model 1 plus a hand pump; Model 3 features a hand pump, a 2/2-way directional valve and an electromagnetically actuated 3/2-way directional valve used for actuating the parking brake during normal operation
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