EA-R01 Wireless RF Remote Controller

Southco offers the EA-R01 Wireless RF remote controller.

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Southco offers the EA-R01 Wireless RF remote controller, enabling access to multiple locked compartments from distances up to 100 ft.

  • Two sequenced 30 amp output channels minimize battery load
  • Receiver waterproof and dustproof to IP67 rating
  • Withstands vibration, temperature variations between -29 to 82 C
  • Light/horn output, simple transmitter programming and labeled connections for clear system configuration
  • Integrate remote locking/unlocking in vehicles with several storage areas, eliminating need for manual confirmation of individual compartments
  • Supports multiple electronic locks, up to four transmitters 
  • May be installed in nearly any discreet location
  • Replaceable fuses at each labeled circuit for straightforward maintenance
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