AMETEK Factory Automation Gemco 959CT Linear Displacement Transducer

The new 959CT Linear Displacement Transducer is designed for the OEM market in industries which utilize hydraulic cylinders.

Gemco 959 Ct Linear Displacement Transducer Industrial
AMETEK Factory Automation

The AMETEK Factory Automation Gemco 959CT linear displacement transducer is designed for heavy-duty applications and machines with high-cycle rates in various applications requiring linear position feedback.

                            • For industries and markets which utilize hydraulic cylinders
                            • All-stainless-steel construction
                            • Rugged and accurate non-contact linear displacement transducer
                            • Rod-style package
                            • Housing is IP68 rated and measures less than 2 in. (5.08 cm) in depth, allowing it to be installed in applications where traditional rod-style transducers will not fit or in applications where customers want to simplify installation and serviceability of the sensor
                            • Utilizes Gemco’s magnetostrictive technology to give absolute analog position feedback, making it accurate to 0.04% of the programmable sensing distance
                            • Built to withstand severe environmental conditions
                            • Completely absolute which means loss of power will not cause the unit to lose position information or require re-homing
                            • Non-contact design allows device to be used in highly repetitive applications without mechanical wear
                            • Operates over a wide power range of  8-30V DC
                            • Variety of different analog outputs and field-programmable zero and span points are available
                            • Features an auto-tuning capability which allows the unit to sense a magnet other than the standard ring magnet and adjust its internal signal strength accordingly
                            • Matches the needs of various industries including the manufacturing of mobile and industrial hydraulic cylinders

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