HBM T40B Digital Torque Transducer

HBM's T40B offers a higher speed capability, up to 23,000 rpm, to aid testing of higher speed electric motors and drives.

Hbm T40 B Torque Transducer
Hbm 10056637

HBM has launched the T40B torque sensor to aid electromobility testing for engineers working on R&D or production lines.

  • Delivers increased revolutions per minute for a selection of measuring ranges of 1, 2, and 3 kNm - up to 23,000 rpm
  • Suited for many types of applications including test benches, end-of-line tests (EoL) and process monitoring
  • Provides precise, reliable measurements the first time, eliminating risk of errors and need for repeat tests
  • Integrated, magnetic rotational speed measuring system enables testing of drivetrain efficiency in a range of vehicles
  • Operates with analog or digital interfaces, making it compatible with different types of test bench systems

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