Off-Highway Vehicles: Taking Torque Measurement from the Lab to the Production Floor and Out into the Field

Combining live torque measurements with an on-board computing system improves measurement of driveline components in off-highway applications.

Hbm White Paper

Until recently, torque measurement has been used for testing purposes only, but vehicle, engine, and driveline component manufacturers have long wanted to be able to incorporate factory-installed, production-level torque measurement on their products. By combining live torque measurements with an on-board computing system, it’s possible to see power loss at various stages of the driveline, the wheels, and the implements while making adjustments on the fly. Currently, adjustments must be made using calculations that employ theoretical lab-tested values of the components, which are known to have a wide range of error percentages. 

Significant advancements in the telematics industry and induction rings have pushed the envelope in several areas and brought production-level, factory-installed torque measurement somewhat closer to realization. The hurdles of space, technical, and cost constraints are now behind us.