Design Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Advanced Input Systems continues to take the user-input market into new areas by mixing technologies and innovations with proven interoperability and reliability.

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Advanced Input Systems manufactures custom keyboards, controllers and multifunction data input subsystems.

  • Incorporate multimedia, touch screens, audio feedback, cursor controls, displays, keypads
  • Help OEM customers manage every phase of their product life cycle 
  • Work with your application teams to assist in resolving design issues
  • Optimize your design for greater success
  • Run DFM product development / cost reduction analyses 
  • Develop entire project design-through-production
  • Capabilities include: concept and specification development, models and prototyping, elastomer compression molding, laser cutting, reliability and compliance testing
  • Products include: control panels, custom keypads and keyboards, touch screens and controllers
  • Design capabilities include: sub-system concepts, prototyping, design verification, compliance reliability testing, technology selection, system electronics
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