BOBCAT 2 Engine Testing System

AVL announces the release of BOBCAT 2, an engine testing system which can provide immediate access to test data for engine optimization.

Avl Bobcat2 11213023

AVL announces the launch of BOBCAT 2, the second generation of an affordable and integrated engine testing system from AVL's COMPACT product line.

  • Functional enhancements provide more power and flexibility, offering many features found in higher-cost test solutions
  • Generates report template which eliminates need to export testing data, enabling user to instantly access test data for engine optimization
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing non-AVL instrumentation and dynos – even those that are nearing their end-of-life usefulness
  • Intuitive user interface allows quick and easy test run parameterization and operation without extensive training
  • Integrated digital dynamometer and engine controller provide excellent torque and speed control for hydraulic, eddy current and AC dynamometers
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