QSK95 Engine for Mine Haul Trucks

Cummins has released its QSK95 engine for mine haul trucks, which provides high horsepower and reduced emissions.

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Cummins Inc. announces that the QSK95 engine will provide a 4,000 hp (2,983 kW) capability for ultra-class mine haul trucks, representing the highest-ever power output introduced by the company for severe duty-cycle operation.

  • Features 95 liter displacement and 16 cylinders
  • Provides enhanced strength for 360 ton and 400 ton (327 and 363 metric ton) payload class trucks
  • Capable of increasing truck speeds for climbing steep-gradient haul roads and boost hauling productivity with reduced operating cycle times
  • Meets all emissions standards, including Tier 4 Final in North America, by using Cummins Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment
  • Hardened power cylinder featuring strong single-piece forged-steel piston enables high power density
  • Deep structural strength is provided by a ductile iron skirted block
  • Increase in strength contributes to higher engine uptime availability, extended life-to-overhaul and more cost-effective rebuilds  
  • Offers reliabile in-service and less rebuild at engine overhaul, reducing total life cycle costs
  • Capable of achieving 1.7 million gallons and above of fuel consumed before rebuild, with added advantage of no midlife intervention required
  • Modular Common-Rail System (MCRS) enables high fuel-efficiency, even when operating at maximum power output
  • With up to 2200-bar high-pressure fuel injection, MCRS reduces noise, offers smooth idle stability and eliminates visible smoke 
  • NanoNet fuel filtration provides fuel cleanliness and enhances durability of MCRS system 
  • Quad-turbocharging system brings simplicity of single-stage air handling system
  • Four compact turbochargers, one arranged for each bank of four cylinders, provide step-load acceptance and transient response to deliver more rapid power 
  • Provides faster and easier servicing procedures, with simple access to all cooling, oil and fuel system maintenance points
  • Service intervals are a minimum of 500 hours
  • Features option of using ELIMINATOR oil purification system, mounted on engine, for extended oil change intervals 
  • Offers leak-free capabilities with “press-in-place” seals on all critical joints
  • Special perimeter seal to cylinder head guarantees airborne debris cannot penetrate this critical sealing interface
  • Advanced electronics enable custom-calibration for specific duty cycles
  • Enables performance to be optimized among fuel consumption, transient response and emissions reduction to suit different haul truck applications
  • SCR aftertreatment system features flexible installation package intended to replace exhaust muffler
  • Depending on application, SCR system is capable of achieving incremental fuel savings of 5 to 10%
  • Eliminates need for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system
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