HJS Swirl Cap Mixer

The HJS Swirl Cap Mixer, introduced at bauma 2019, enables highly efficient admixing of AdBlue with exhaust gases and a modular design to easily fit compact installation spaces.

Haubenmischer 95 Produkt Compositing

HJS has developed a highly flexible AdBlue mixing and atomization unit for integration in the DPF outlet module: the HJS Swirl Cap Mixer.

  • AdBlue is dosed in mixing section, where it is mixed with exhaust gases and vaporized
  • Modular system
  • Diameters and lengths are scalable, making integration possible into wide variety of installation spaces 
  • Even in short mixing section, atomization is almost 100%
  • Distribution of the mixture upstream of SCR catalyst is highly uniform
  • Provides excellent NOx conversion rates in excess of 97% and minimal amounts of critical deposits
  • Offers good durability
  • Low CO2 and pollutant emissions well within Stage V limit values
  • For systems in power ranges from 56-560 kW
  • Adaptable installation position close to engine can always be found, be it horizontal or vertical
  • Mixing section enables formation of exhaust gas/AdBlue mixture to be achieved by shortest possible route, enabling compact design
  • High temperatures achieved by installing system close to engine lead to high degree of efficiency 
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