EAS-i Actuators

Texas Hydraulics' EAS-i Actuators are designed to locally control the motion of the cylinder or group of cylinders to perform a programmed function.

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Texas Hydraulics Inc., announces that its hydraulic cylinders are now available as Electronic Advanced Sub-system – Integrated (EAS-i) Actuators.

  • Self-contained and available on a wide range of cylinder types
  • Locally controls motion of cylinder or a group of cylinders to perform a programmed function and respond to an input
  • Offers vast array of operations, including synchronization, programmable logic, secondary input, speed control and electronic cushion
  • Can consist of a hydraulic cylinder, load control valves, directional control valves, sensors and an electronic controller
  • Can be customized to provide closed-loop feedback on pressure, temperature, cycles, angle, velocity and/or position from the actuator to the on-board controller
  • Controller can be linked to main control system through various data transfer lines, like J1939 and CANbus
  • Enables design of simplified electro-hydraulic systems
  • Features highly flexible and modular design
  • Provides easy troubleshooting and repair
  • Includes increased stiffness and control due to valve proximity
  • Provides simple, local feedback
  • Features decreased number of leak points
  • Offers lower heat generation and improved efficiency through optimized pressure drops 
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