GEM4 Software for KAntrak 2700/2710 Displays

Kongsberg has updated its Generic Engine Monitor (GEM4) software to enable direct connection of KAntrak 2700/2710 displays to a vehicle's network.

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As vehicle and industrial equipment emissions regulations become ever more stringent with the Tier 4 legislation, new parameters are required for engine and vehicle monitoring systems. With the introduction of the Generic Engine Monitor (GEM4) software Kongsberg Automotive has included the Tier 4 parameters that are most often required. 

  • Allows connection of KAntrak 2700/2710 displays directly to J1939 or J1587 network on vehicle or equipment
  • Displays comprehensive information on engine and transmission data, active and stored alarms, and is a trip and fuel computer
  • Five soft keys located at bottom of display are used to easily navigate through intuitive menus for configuration
  • Offers user selectable icon based screen layouts as well as comprehensive multi-language text based fault warning and acknowledgements system
  • Single, Tri and Quad screen layouts are available, enabling several Tier 4 parameters to be monitored and displayed at any one time
  • Integrated memory is used for data logging for diagnostic information
  • Data is available in multiple formats and measurement units
  • Includes automatic last screen store and keyboard lock
  • Engineering screens are available such as Comms and Message Database viewers
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