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Tournapull Attachments
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1. Tournapull Attachments

Published February 16, 2022

No one in the industry had greater genius for devising machines to meet needs than Robert G. LeTourneau. The December Off-Highway Heroes looked at one of his most important breakthroughs, the Tournapull single-axle wheel tractor and its use with a pulled scraper. However, he didn’t stop at using his creation with only a scraper. By the end of 1941, a year after he had introduced the the C Series, he had designed or was conceiving an amazing variety of other rubber-tired attachments, primarily for the C series.

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2. The Automotive Space Is Poised for a Supply Chain Nightmare

Published October 12, 2022

AgiloftPexelsHow can supply chain crises be avoided? While there are no magic wands that can be waved on the engineering/development side, there are “force multipliers” that can help take the pressure off of program managers and free up more of their bandwidth. Modern software technology can assist by bringing relevant information together in one place so that understanding and communicating status and changes becomes more manageable.

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3. Euclid’s Twin-Power Concept

Published September 26, 2022

Ohh 0922HCEA ArchivesOne of the Euclid Road Machinery Company’s major innovations was the twin-power concept. The basis of the concept was powering each drive axle of a truck or scraper with its own diesel engine and powertrain. The idea is believed to have originated with the Koehring Company, which used twin, diesel engines and powertrains to propel a short-lived crawler version of its Dumptor shuttle dump in the 1930s. However, Euclid was the first to use it successfully.

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4. The Hybrid and Electric Technology Transition

Published August 10, 2022

HybridAllison TransmissionOriginal equipment manufacturers have many options for powering their heavy-duty, off-highway equipment: diesel, gasoline, electrification, alternative fuels and hybrid configurations. What are the driving reasons for a move to electric or hybrid mobile equipment? What factors go into making the power selection decision?

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5. New Technology Launches at CES 2022

BobcatBobcatCES has become the top show for companies in a variety of industries, not just consumer electronics, to introduce new technology including those from and related to the heavy equipment industries. And the 2022 show was no different. 

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