POSITAL Introduces Low Cost, Low Resolution TILTIX Inclinometers

POSITAL is offering low cost, low resolution versions of its TILTIX inclinometers featuring a resolution of 0.01 degree.

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POSITAL is expanding its TILTIX family of inclinometers with a new line of lower cost, lower resolution instruments. These new tilt sensors will have an accuracy of ±0.5 degrees and a resolution of 0.01 degree. (By comparison, current models have an accuracy of 0.1 degree.) For many slope or tilt monitoring applications in cranes, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and water handling facilities, half-degree accuracy is entirely acceptable. POSITAL's new lower-resolution units are less expensive than its high-end products, which makes them a useful alternative for designers of cost-sensitive systems.

Like other members of the TILTIX family, the new lower-cost inclinometers are available in single-axis (0−360 degrees) or dual axis (±80 degrees) versions. Durable PBT plastic housings meet the needs of most applications, with extra heavy-duty cast aluminum housings available for very harsh working environments. They are rated for shocks of up to 100g. The output interface for these instruments is analog (voltage or current) which makes them straightforward to integrate into simple analog control or warning systems. The zero setting can be set through a input pin.