ASM posiwire WST85 Displacement and Inclination Sensor

The posiwire WST85 sensor combines displacement and inclination measurement into a single sensor.

Posiwire Ws85 Highres
Asmsensors 10055038

ASM's posiwire cable extension sensor WST85 combines displacement and inclination measurement in a single sensor.

  • Helps save on installation costs and space, as well as cabling and installation time
  • Displacement is measured using ASM's new generation cable extension sensor technology posiwire
  • Equipped with contact-less, magnetic multi-hall encoder technology, making them significantly more robust than conventional cable sensors using optical encoders or potentiometer solutions
  • Inclination is measured by integrated inclination sensor element based on MEMS technology
  • Suited for applications operating in harsh environments such as mobile machines
  • Measures linear position up to 6,000 mm (236.2 in.) and inclination between +/-180 degrees in 1 axis
  • Available digital outputs are CANopen and CANopen redundant
  • Reaches a linearity of up to +/- 0.05% of the measurement range for linear position and of up to 0.05 degrees for inclination position
  • Includes protection class IP67/IP69
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