Novotechnik Vert-X 3700 Series Angle Sensors

The Vert-X 3700 Series angle sensors feature accuracy to 0.35 degrees and repeatability to 0.05%.

Vert X3700

Novotechnik U.S. announces the Vert-X 3700 Series of angle sensors housed in a sealed stainless steel housing.

  • Uses Hall effect, non-contact principle
  • Designed for rugged applications where high humidity, dampness, dust and/or vibrations are expected
  • Accuracy to 0.35 degrees and repeatability to 0.05% 
  • Measurement range up to 0-360 degrees
  • Sealing to IP68
  • Up to 14-bit resolution and ±0.1% linearity
  • Some models are available with full redundancy
  • Can be ordered pre-programmed for a specific application’s range, within 10-degree steps, to apply full resolution and accuracy over that electrical angle range
  • Version available where customers can specify index points, sense of rotation- cw or ccw, electrical range and switch outputs 
  • Operating temperature range is -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Shock and vibration resistant to 50 and 20 g respectively
  • Outputs include 4-20 mA, 0.1-10V, 0.5-4.5V, ratiometric voltage, PWM and SPI
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