PST-360 Through-Hole Position Sensor

Piher introduces its PST-360 Through-Hole Position Sensor, a shaft angle rotary sensor alternative to encoder technology.

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Piher International Corporation has announced the immediate availability of a shaft angle rotary sensor - the PST-360 Through-Hole Position Sensor. The PST-360 combines a through-shaft design with 360 degree absolute position feedback in an extremely thin package.

  • Through-hole design allows sensor to fit over existing shaft and bearing assemblies
  • Incorporates a proprietary ring magnet with a fully sealed Hall ASIC as sensor element
  • Non-contacting and does not rely on gears or other interfacing parts
  • Matches durability specifications of final application
  • Features only one moving part along with programmable electronics designed for harsh environments
  • Measures 9.8 mm thick with a body diameter of 37 mm and 50.0 mm mounting hole spacing
  • Integrate directly into existing shafts
  • Standard model features rotor with 14.05 mm inside diameter (double flatted) shaft design
  • Custom rotor configurations are available 
  • Fully encapsulated electronics surround durable ring magnet, allowing for use in high humidity environments
  • Has no sensitivity to dust or dirt and tolerates high vibration cycles as ring magnet never comes into contact with sensing electronics  
  • Offers electrical angles up to 360 degrees with no dead band and linearity error as low as ±0.5%
  • For use at -40 C to 85 C, with optional models rated up to 150 C
  • Able to be programmed with full scale output with angles as narrow as 20 degrees
  • Supports most common electrical signal outputs with minimal investment
  • Optional outputs include: Analog, PWM (12 bit) or Serial Protocol (SPI) at 14 bits and includes second output channel to provide programmable switch signal
  • Redundant versions are available with duplex, triplex and quad redundant versions all within same package size
  • Applications include off-highway, construction and agriculture equipment drive-by-wire  
  • Adaptable to fit marine outboard steering and throttle control, robotic controls, material handling, electronic braking systems, automation equipment
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