Contelec Vert-X 21 LP Series Low Power Sensors

Novotechnik's latest non-contact angle sensors, the Contelec Vert-X 21 LP Series, offer a low power current at a supply level of 3.3V.

Novotechnik Vertx21lp 10877916

Novotechnik U.S. introduces the Contelec Vert-X 21 LP Series of low power sensors. Applications include use in robotics, battery powered devices, joy sticks and control valves.

  • Non-contact angle design
  • Consumes only 300 µA of current at a power supply level of 3.3V
  • Includes 0 to 360 degree measurement range, 12-bit resolution, repeatability to 0.1 degree, and maximum hysteresis of 0.2 degrees
  • Power supply range is 1.8 to 5.5V
  • Standard output voltage is 10 to 90% of power supply with other percentage values available as an option
  • Available as a three-wire angle sensor
  • Programmable version with up to two switch outputs, custom measurement angle, start and end-point settings, custom characteristic curve and/or sense of rotation also available
  • Features compact design of less than 1 in. in diameter and sealing to IP65
  • Offes lifespan greater than 360 million movements                                      
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