Kar-Tech Solid State Inclinometer

Kar-Tech's solid-state, dual-axis inclinometer module provides 4-20mA analog outputs which can be scaled for each axis of inclination.

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The Kar-Tech solid-state, dual-axis, encapsulated inclinometer module provides two axes of inclination over both J1939 and discrete analog outputs simultaneously.

  • Provides 4–20mA analog outputs which can be scaled (over CAN) for each axis of inclination
  • Factory programmed for ±90 degree, 4–20 mA single axis vertical mount and ±45 degree, 4–20 mA dual axis flat (horizontal) mount running off of power between 9 and 30V DC
  • External connections are made via 6 in. of shielded cable terminated in flying leads coming out of the module
  • Measures 2.50 in. high x 2.50 in. wide x 1.00 in. deep
  • Range Configurable to ±180 degrees per axis
  • Typical resolution of 0.1 degree with accuracy of ±0.3 degrees
  • Housing material is encapsulated UL94 ABS plastic
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to 85 C
  • Ingress protection of IP67
  • Protection types include reverse polarity and transient voltage of 1.5KW


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