Novotechnik RSC3200 Series Angle Sensors

The RSC3200 Series angle sensors from Novotechnik are sealed to IP67 or IP69K standards for use in harsh operating environments.

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Novotechnik U.S. introduces the RSC3200 Series of angle sensors.

  • Features shaft connectivity options and provides absolute, rotary position measurement
  • Analog outputs are 0.25 to 4.75V or 0.5 to 4.5V
  • Built-In coupling accepts D-Shaft with shaft customization available
  • Sealed to IP67 or IP69K depending on version
  • Extremely durable with MTTF of 285 years for each of the two channels
  • Non-contacting design and fully redundant
  • Measures angles up to 360 degrees
  • Operating temperature range is -40 to 125 C
  • Offers repeatability of 0.5 degrees
  • Resolution is 12-bit and absolute linearity is within ±1.0% FS at 360 degrees
  • Meets six EMC standards for immunity to EMI including ISO 11452-5, ISO 10605 and CISPR 25
  • Applications include use for throttle control valves, transmission gear position and accelerator position






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