Novotechnik P2500-M Series Multiple-Section Potentiometers

The Novotechnik P2500-M Series potentiometers provide repeatability to 0.01 degree and a maximum rotational speed of 2,000 rpm.

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Novotechnik U.S. introduces the P2500-M Series of multiple-section potentiometers.

  • Provides redundancy for applications requiring fail-safe angle measurement
  • Available in two or three sections and three measuring ranges with angles from 0-120, 0-240 or 0-345 degrees with unrestricted continuous rotation
  • Repeatability is 0.01 degrees
  • Maximum rotational speed is 2,000 rpm
  • Independent linearity is to 0.3% of full scale and interlinearity between sections is factory calibrated to within ±1% FS
  • Life specification of 50 million movements is valid even under high shock and vibration conditions up to 50 and 20 g respectively
  • Features anodized aluminum housing with stainless steel shaft for enhanced corrosion protection with salt and spray resistance
  • Axial and radial shaft loading, on stainless steel ball bearings, is up to 15 N
  • Operates up to a maximum of 42V DC supply
  • Well suited for range of applications including ship controls, off-highway and construction vehicles



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