Jewell Instruments JMI-100/200 Series Inclinometers

The JMI-100/200 Series inclinometers from Jewell Instruments feature MEMS capacitive technology and are designed for use in harsh operating environments.

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Jewell Instruments introduces the JMI-100/200 Series inclinometers.

  • Versatile, lightweight and robust design
  • Contains MEMS capacitive technology
  • Available in single (JMI-100) or dual-axis (JMI-200) configurations
  • Measuring ranges of ±14.5 degrees, ±30 degrees and ±90 degrees available with 3 milliradian resolution and ±5V DC output
  • RoHS compliant 
  • Features lightweight aluminum enclosure
  • Conducive to many OEM applications
  • Includes IP65 seal, 100 g shock and -40-85 C (-40-185 F) operating range for use in harsh environments
  • Single power input version (JMI-100/200-S) available with 0-5V DC output signal



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