DIS Sensors Tilt Switches

Tilt switches from DIS Sensors provide accuracy up to 0.1 degrees and offer programmability of the switching angle, on/off delays and filtering.

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The latest generation of tilt switches from DIS Sensors are based on MEMS technology and intelligent microcontroller algorithms.

  • Single or twin axis switches can be implemented with any desired switching angle
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Single axis measurement to ±180 degrees
  • Double axis measurement range of ±1-90 degrees
  • Energy supply of 5V DC or 10-30V DC
  • Digital output is single or dual NPN/PNP
  • Provides accuracy up to 0.1 degrees, depending on model and range: 
  • Features IP67 (optional IP68 or IP69K) sealing
  • Programmability includes switching angle, on/off delays, filtering




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