Finalists of Swedish Steel Prize Announced

Four designs utilizing steel in new and unique ways are being considered for the annual prize awarded by SSAB.

Ssab Swedish Steel Prize2019

SSAB announces the four finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize 2019. The award recognizes design concepts which utilize high-strength steel in revolutionary ways. 

A winner will be announced during a ceremony in Stockholm November 14 which also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Swedish Steel Prize.

“For the 20th anniversary of the Swedish Steel Prize, the four finalists we have nominated each have a strong connection to a stronger, lighter and more sustainable future. They all show that with new perspectives and innovative thinking comes possibilities to continue moving forward, pushing not only their own industry but also society as a whole,” says Eva Petursson, chair of the Swedish Steel Prize jury and head of SSAB’s research and innovation.

The four finalists 

Austin Engineering, Australia

What the jury had to say: Austin Engineering has taken a significant leap in innovation for the design and maintenance of excavator buckets. With a modular approach, they have developed an innovative concept that combines low weight with optimal use of the complete product before scrapping. The solution utilizes the characteristics of high strength and wear resistant steel and has extremely low barriers for implementation. This clearly opens up for further bucket design innovations.

Ssab Austin Engineering

Kampag, Brazil

What the jury had to say: Kampag has managed to increase soya yields by focusing its harvester design on the gentler handling of the crop. A unique feeding modulus unit shows less damage to the harvested bean and also increases machine availability in conditions with high humidity. Additional productivity and sustainability benefits have been realized when upgrading to high strength and wear resistant steel including, increased service life, reduced weight and more lean production as well as maintenance processes with energy savings.

Ssab Kampag, Estonia

What the jury had to say: makes metal solar roofs that produce electricity. The product successfully combines an effective solar panel solution with an architecturally attractive environment friendly steel roof that also enables historical building restorations to benefit from new technological advancements. Using a metal coating based on rapeseed oil, it has been possible to push production technology limits and the result shows excellent robust adhesion between the layers of the solar roof panel.

Ssab Roofit Solar

Shape Corporation, USA

What the jury had to say: Shape has developed a cost effective and robust manufacturing process for 3D shaped tubes that makes it possible to utilize cold forming steels with the highest strength levels currently in existence. With this technology, a unique lightweight solution for A-pillar and roof rail tubes, with minimal section size, is now ready for implementation by a major automotive manufacturer during 2020. This pioneering innovation will challenge other lightweight materials with a much more sustainable steel solution that allows for circular material flows.

Ssab Shape Corp