Construction-Grade Hydraulic Cylinders

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Construction-grade cylinders from Texas Hydraulics are designed for extreme-duty applications.

  • Feature high cycle fatigue resistance
  • Forged end mounts
  • Bolted head design allows for easier serviceability
  • Buffer seals extend rod seal life
  • Ideal for applications in construction, earth moving, forestry, demolition and mining
  • Friction welded rod mounts available
  • Chrome plated and induction hardened rod
  • Base and rod end cushions with fast start
  • Precision wear rings on piston and rod
  • Four-piece high pressure piston sealing system
  • O-ring boss or 4-bolt flange porting
  • 5,000 psi (345 bar) continuous
  • 6,000 psi (415 bar) intermittent
  • 120 ft./min. rod speed (37 m/min.)
  • -35-220 F (-37-104 C) continuous
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The Dill Steam Shovel and Derrick Car. The steam piston for tilting the dipper is seen under the dipper stick, and the entire boom tipped on the curved plate at its base.