Afton Chemical presenting lubrication products at International CTI Symposium

Afton Chemical will be presenting on ways to reduce carbon dioxide through use of additives at the International CTI Symposium.

Afton Chemical will be exhibiting and presenting at the annual International CTI Symposium, which takes place in Berlin on December 9-10, 2014. The event brings together specialists of the lubricant sector as well as experts of the mechanical engineering and automotive industry.

Expertise in fuel efficiency is the major theme of Afton Chemical’s presence at CTI.  Under the banner of Driving Efficiency, Afton Chemical will be exhibiting new approaches to deliver high-value CO2 savings to transmission and automotive OEMs.  Illustrations of how additives can enable novel engineering solutions, along with optimising fluid properties will be on show at Afton Chemical’s stand.

In his talk entitled, “The €95m Challenge: Efficient Transmissions through Fluid Design,” Joe Carroll, R&D Group Leader at Afton Chemical, will discuss how demonstrable fuel economy gains can be realized directly from changing lubricant, with low development cost to the OEM. More specifically, how changing the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in a vehicle can result in 1 to 3% fuel economy improvements relative to the original factory installed fluid. This could be in the range of 1g/km CO2, which could relieve fines on a medium size auto-maker by €95m. This improvement in fuel economy is directly attributable to changes in the fluid’s physical properties. Joe will compare and contrast alternative formulation styles and from new research provide insight into which style offers the best fuel economy solution given an OEM’s engineering requirements.