Master Bond EP21NDCL Optically Clear Epoxy

Master Bond EP21NDCL epoxy is a non-drip compound which cures in optically clear in thin sections.

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Master Bond EP21NDCL is a two-component epoxy system that cures optically clear in thin sections, even though Part A is translucent and Part B is light amber.

  • Non-drip compound
  • Formulated for variety of bonding, sealing and coating applications in the optical, opto-electronic, electrical, aerospace and specialty OEM industries
  • Offers convenient handling with one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume which can be adjusted to deliver different properties
  • Two-to-one mix ratio cures more rigid, while one-to-two mix ratio produces flexible system
  • Cures at room temperatures or more quickly at elevated temperatures
  • Features durable bonds upon curing
  • High tensile lap shear of 2,600-2,800 psi, tensile strength of 6,500-7,500 psi and compressive strength of 12,000-13,000 psi
  • Bonds well to many substrates, such as metals, composites, glass, ceramics, rubbers and plastics, and particularly to acrylics and polycarbonates
  • Volume resistivity is greater than 1014 ohm-cm
  • Offers impressive electrical insulation properties
  • Resists chemicals including water, oils, fuels, acids, bases and salts
  • Withstands rigorous thermal cycling over wide service temperature range of -60-250 F (-51.11-121.11 C)
  • Shelf life of one year at 75 F (23.89 C) in its original, unopened containers
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